Something a bit different..!


So today we popped over to the farm in Denton to visit Millie the horse! She didn’t behave. It poured with rain. Roux (my little darling angel…lol…toddler model) had a full on breakdown and threw himself in a puddle….


I think we got some beautiful photos! Thank you Chantelle for being a perfect model as always & Helen for letting Millie become a beautiful magical unicorn!

Mr & Mrs Hunter

Lots of wedding uploads today, I know! I have two more in the next week then August begins and it all gets even crazier.

Until then, let’s have a sneaky look at the gorgeous wedding ceremony of the new Mr & Mrs Hunter, ย Lewis & Karen on 3rd July 2017!


Mr & Mrs Shelton-Martin

Lisa & Scott Shelton-Martin’s beautiful church wedding on 1 July 2017! Here are just a small selection of my favourites from the day!


Mr & Mrs Hardwick

A slightly belated post as the past few weeks have been crazy! Mr & Mrs Hardwick have now collected their images so here’s a few of my favourites from their wedding day on 10th June!

First, make up, hair, dresses and flowers…


Then a lovely ceremony in church!


A few photos outside the church then on to the venue for pie!


The weather made it a bit difficult to get the photos outdoors so we had to keep running in due to the rain but we still got some beautiful shots outside!


Here’s a few of my favourites (and funniest!) from the rest of the evening


Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs Hardwick, I don’t doubt you will have an amazingly long and happy marriage – and thank you for the wine! (I always love my clients to best who give me wine, if you’re reading this and are due to collect your images….!)


Two Weddings!

Two weddings this weekend, on Saturday the wedding of Lisa & Scott Martin-Shelton and today, Monday, the wedding of Karen & Lewis Hunter!

Two lovely days. Previews below, full blogs coming soon. Wedding season is in full swing I am working all the hours! <3

Congratulations to both couples!


Mr & Mrs Baeta

Natasha & Claudio “Nuno”‘s wedding on 27th May! Here’s a few of my favourites! <3


A few before the day kicked off!

BAETA (70)BAETA (90)BAETA (106)

The ceremony…

BAETA (264)BAETA (302)BAETA (323)

A pretty amazing group photo!

BAETA (333)

We also got to go up on the roof…!

BAETA (645)BAETA (663)BAETA (661)

(The second one here is definitely my favourite!)

BAETA (454)BAETA (460)BAETA (536)

Then food was served!

BAETA (554)BAETA (558)BAETA (581)

Some very emotional speeches followed!

BAETA (741).jpg

& the night went on!

Natasha and Nuno had the 8 hour wedding package which was perfect for their day & night wedding party at the Macdonald Hotel!

BAETA (772)BAETA (802)BAETA (812)BAETA (848)BAETA (865)BAETA (874)

First dances are always my absolute favourite!

Mr & Mrs Baeta! Can’t say you’d not waited long enough for your wedding day! Thank you for having me and I hope you enjoy your photos <3

BAETA (643).jpg

Mr & Mrs Naily

I had the pleasure of photographing Mr & Mrs Naily; Leanne & Nebeal’s wedding day on 26th May at Great John Street Hotel in Manchester on the hottest Friday ever!

NAILY (1).jpg

NAILY (3).jpg

The new Mr & Mrs Naily had a full four hours coverage for their wedding, which was perfect for their intimate gathering with a BBQ on the roof terrace!

Here’s a few images from before the beautiful bride arrived!

NAILY (16)NAILY (22)NAILY (39)NAILY (43)

Leanne arrived with her Dad in a beautiful car!

NAILY (90)NAILY (100)NAILY (106)NAILY (117)

Some from the ceremony here –

It was so so hot outside we ended up doing the photos of the new Mr & Mrs Naily in their hotel room, and around the hotel!

NAILY (313)NAILY (319)NAILY (344)

We still managed to get some beautiful photos nonetheless! The party was in full swing on the terrace

NAILY (283)NAILY (407)NAILY (418)NAILY (498)NAILY (506)NAILY (529)

Then we went on to the cake cutting & speeches!

Amazing day had by all! (Even though it was so so hot!) Thank you for having me Leanne & Nebeal! Hope you had an amazing day!

NAILY (328).jpg

Baby Sydney

I think my most popular newborn photo post on Facebook to date! So far this beautiful little guy snoozing in his Daddy’s motorbike helmet has amassed over 280 likes in 24 hours! Total model material, he’s gorgeous!


Two weddings!


Mr & Mrs Naily, Friday 26th May 2017


Mr & Mrs Baeta, Saturday 27th May 2017

Busy weekend for me! (And hot!!!)

Two weddings. The wedding of Leanne & Nabeal, the new Mr & Mrs Naily on Friday at Great John Street Hotel and the wedding of Natasha & Nuno, the new Mr & Mrs Baeta on Saturday at the Macdonald Hotel & Spa on Saturday.

Two absolutely perfect days and here’s a preview from each, full blogs to come ๐Ÿ’•





Christening Season!

Christenings (baptisms) aren’t generally seasonal however there is usually an influx of bookings for me around this time of year, when the weather gets nicer – for your little one’s special day!


Usually I do two hours for the christening in church & some photos at the party afterwards! Most churches are totally happy for me to be there (with my camera, I mean, not just in general!) howeverย please check with your vicar, reverend or other person in charge at church that it is okay for you to have professional photos taken! Sometimes there are multiple baptisms happening on the same day, and the other families need to be informedย to ensure they don’t have any objections!


Myย favourite part of the christenings are when I get to take photos like the one above! When everyone else is concentrating on the sermon & I get to capture the little person enjoying their day!


Of course we always have time for posed photos after the ceremony is over, either inside or outside the church dependant on the weather!

FCHRISTENING (99).jpgDSC_2860.jpg

I can also cover the party after the ceremony, which most people opt for (two hours coverage) which ensures to get lots of photos of everyone enjoying themselves, letting their hair down, having a drink, a dance….

NAHLA (174).jpg

GEORGE (140).jpg

& most importantly capturing your child’s special day. <3

For all enquiries and to book please call 07846398090 or email

A tiny little lady & 500 grams of glitter!

This one was fun!

One of my themed photoshoot sessions with the special offer! Very simple – just add glitter!


Here is our gorgeous little lady who came in for the glitter session!


Mum started the sprinkling process for me <3


Add a bit more….


It’s safe to say the studio is STILL covered in glitter (so I’m sorry if you come in and also leave covered in glitter!!) but I think it was worth it. Don’t you? <3


Up Close & Personal: Corset Piercing

Warning: Do not continue to read if you are put off by piercings or body modification!ย 

Here’s an interesting blog post….

Normal Thursday morning, in Oldham. Sam, the piercer at MisFits Body Piercing at In The Skin Oldham had an interesting request….

Can you come and photograph me doing a full corset piercing from start to finish?

So….I did.

DSC_5613 copyDSC_5627 copyDSC_5633 copy

For those who don’t know – “A corset piercing is a body piercing that is pierced multiple times mostly side to side to look like a corset being laced up the body.”

Sam’s er….willing model, Machaela seemed to really enjoy herself :)

DSC_5635 copyDSC_5650 copyDSC_5656 copyDSC_5673 copy

All piercings in…

DSC_5684 copyDSC_5685 copyDSC_5686 copyDSC_5690 copyDSC_5693 copy

Then jewellery…

DSC_5694 copyDSC_5695 copyDSC_5703 copyDSC_5706 copyDSC_5710 copy

Lots of new swear words were learnt by all :)

DSC_5741 copyDSC_5742 copyDSC_5754 copyDSC_5761 copy

Some cleaning up and re positioning – I’m not sure if Machaela actually fell asleep here.

DSC_5765 copyDSC_5772 copyDSC_5783 copyDSC_5789 copyDSC_5797 copyDSC_5798 copyDSC_5808 copyDSC_5816 copy

Final lacing up!

DSC_5834 copyDSC_5835


Complete! Photos to be used for Sam’s new business cards and the studios website & Facebook page, the piercing was taken out after – this was purely for the photos! Crazy people, maybe…can’t say it’s the strangest thing I’ve ever done.


Going out to clients this week <3


Harper’s Cake Smash


Heidi’s Cake Smash


From our Easter special offer <3ย 


Our “Big Shop Move” competition winner!ย 


Probably the most adorable photo I’ve taken this year!ย 


(Not so) Little William’s Vintage Photoshoot <3ย 


One from the massively popular ยฃ35 Themed Photoshoot Offer <3 Cheeky boys!ย