Up Close & Personal: Corset Piercing

Warning: Do not continue to read if you are put off by piercings or body modification! 

Here’s an interesting blog post….

Normal Thursday morning, in Oldham. Sam, the piercer at MisFits Body Piercing at In The Skin Oldham had an interesting request….

Can you come and photograph me doing a full corset piercing from start to finish?

So….I did.

DSC_5613 copyDSC_5627 copyDSC_5633 copy

For those who don’t know – “A corset piercing is a body piercing that is pierced multiple times mostly side to side to look like a corset being laced up the body.”

Sam’s er….willing model, Machaela seemed to really enjoy herself :)

DSC_5635 copyDSC_5650 copyDSC_5656 copyDSC_5673 copy

All piercings in…

DSC_5684 copyDSC_5685 copyDSC_5686 copyDSC_5690 copyDSC_5693 copy

Then jewellery…

DSC_5694 copyDSC_5695 copyDSC_5703 copyDSC_5706 copyDSC_5710 copy

Lots of new swear words were learnt by all :)

DSC_5741 copyDSC_5742 copyDSC_5754 copyDSC_5761 copy

Some cleaning up and re positioning – I’m not sure if Machaela actually fell asleep here.

DSC_5765 copyDSC_5772 copyDSC_5783 copyDSC_5789 copyDSC_5797 copyDSC_5798 copyDSC_5808 copyDSC_5816 copy

Final lacing up!

DSC_5834 copyDSC_5835


Complete! Photos to be used for Sam’s new business cards and the studios website & Facebook page, the piercing was taken out after – this was purely for the photos! Crazy people, maybe…can’t say it’s the strangest thing I’ve ever done.