Christening Season!

Christenings (baptisms) aren’t generally seasonal however there is usually an influx of bookings for me around this time of year, when the weather gets nicer – for your little one’s special day!


Usually I do two hours for the christening in church & some photos at the party afterwards! Most churches are totally happy for me to be there (with my camera, I mean, not just in general!) however please check with your vicar, reverend or other person in charge at church that it is okay for you to have professional photos taken! Sometimes there are multiple baptisms happening on the same day, and the other families need to be informed to ensure they don’t have any objections!


My favourite part of the christenings are when I get to take photos like the one above! When everyone else is concentrating on the sermon & I get to capture the little person enjoying their day!


Of course we always have time for posed photos after the ceremony is over, either inside or outside the church dependant on the weather!

FCHRISTENING (99).jpgDSC_2860.jpg

I can also cover the party after the ceremony, which most people opt for (two hours coverage) which ensures to get lots of photos of everyone enjoying themselves, letting their hair down, having a drink, a dance….

NAHLA (174).jpg

GEORGE (140).jpg

& most importantly capturing your child’s special day. <3

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