Mr & Mrs Dixon, 26 August 2017

Rhema & Andrew were married in a beautiful ceremony on 26 August at a church in Altrincham followed by a reception at the Cresta Court. We stopped for photos at Denzel Gardens between! The new Mr & Mrs Dixon booked the full day package and you can find out details on this here!

I had such a lovely day at this wedding from the 8.30am start with make up to the 10pm finish with the party animals! All your guests were absolutely lovely as were the newlyweds! Also Andrew did make me cry with a five star review on my page a few days ago!

Here’s some of my favourites from the day. I have ended up delivering over a thousand photos so it’s been hard for me to choose my faves for the website!

DIXON (2)DIXON (7)DIXON (62)DIXON (66)DIXON (103)DIXON (124)DIXON (131)DIXON (143)DIXON (170)DIXON (184)DIXON (194)DIXON (208)DIXON (209)DIXON (238)DIXON (241)DIXON (254)DIXON (260)DIXON (280)DIXON (292)DIXON (294)DIXON (314)DIXON (326)DIXON (331)DIXON (341)DIXON (344)DIXON (347)DIXON (364)DIXON (372)DIXON (379)DIXON (382)DIXON (394)DIXON (397)DIXON (414)DIXON (435)DIXON (446)DIXON (482)DIXON (487)DIXON (493)DIXON (507)DIXON (510)DIXON (513)DIXON (519)DIXON (531)DIXON (556)DIXON (732)DIXON (734)DIXON (746)DIXON (779)DIXON (883)DIXON (888)DIXON (903)DIXON (905)DIXON (910)DIXON (924)DIXON (925)DIXON (931)DIXON (932)DIXON (938)