Cake Smash Survival Guide

Surviving your cake smash session!

Before your session

  • Parents, grandparents, friends, whoever you bring with you to your session: there is a very high chance you will get cake on you. Don’t come dressed in your best outfit, or white!
  • I highly suggest giving your little one a taste of cake a week or so before the session, if they haven’t already tried it.
  • Please arrive to your session 10-15 minutes early. Your session will start from the appointment time, but 1 year olds can be tricky! They may want some time to get settled in, get dressed and have an explore round before starting
  • Cake: if you are purchasing a cake from our amazing baker, great! You don’t need to do anything. If you are providing your own, I highly suggest finding a cake with a lot of icing! Make sure the cake isn’t kept in the fridge, as it may be hard to smash!
  • Outfit: we can provide outfits at an extra cost (must be arranged at least two weeks in advance of session) However most people choose to bring their own. I recommend Etsy and eBay for some beautiful handmade personalised outfits, there’s also tons of amazing businesses making these outfits to order for cake smash sessions!
  • Bath: For the standard and premium sessions, the bath tub photos are taken after the cake smash. Please bring along a towel!

During your session

  • I take photos until baby has eaten enough cake. Once you think they have eaten enough, we will stop. If they don’t eat the cake and just mess, that’s fine too!
  • I suggest bringing a few of their favourite toys you can distract them with. Although they will have a cake to keep them entertained, sometimes they do get bored!
  • The best photos we get are with baby exploring the cake on their own! Being patient and letting them go for it on their own is the best option!

More info regarding the studio policies can be found in the client terms & conditions

Don’t forget to complete your questionnaire before arrival.